How Statement T-Shirts Are Powerful

Without needing to speak a word, our clothes speak for us. Fashion emphasizes self-expression, individuality, and distinctness in style. Statement shirts do the same - with the added caveat of being able to deliver a message. Whether political, funny, or positive, statement t-shirts can be a powerful and effective tool to relay a message without any need to verbally communicate it. 

It’s very common to see people wearing statement shirts about coffee, love, funny phrases… you name it. Without thinking about it, our eyes immediately read the writing on a shirt upon first glance — it’s automatic. So what if we started to see more statement shirts that had positive messages? What if, instead of promoting any sort of negativity, shirts had the ability to empower the people that read them (and wore them)?

We started Skylar Yoo because we wanted to bring more positivity into the world. We aim to empower women to be their boldest selves, and to not be afraid in doing so. This includes inspiring women to love themselves, feel great about themselves, and to appreciate who they are. With shirts like, “Feminist,” “Girls to the Front,” and “Fearless Girl,” we hope that women can wear these tees with confidence and a little more pep in their step. Because the truth is, we all have the capacity to be our best and boldest selves… but sometimes we need a little extra encouragement. These messages serve as a reminder that we can be and do anything we want to - it’s just a matter of empowering ourselves. Statement shirts have the ability to empower a woman — as she can wear these statements with pride — but they also have the ability to empower other women who read the shirts. It makes us smile to see our fellow ladies on the street wearing shirts like “Feminist” or “Girl Power” because the world needs more women who are unafraid to express themselves and speak their truths (and of course, because, girl power!). And statements like, “Believe in Yourself,” “Let Your Light Shine,” and “Grit” are uplifting reminders that can inject the reader with a little more positivity (whether they are aware of it or not!). 

We influence each other more than we know. Let’s project more positive energy into our lives and in the lives of others, as we continue to motivate, inspire, and empower one another. Speak your mind and express yourself - even if it's your t-shirt that's doing the talking!