Welcome to Skylar Yoo!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Where are your tees made?

Our high quality tees are ethically made in Peru and the USA. All tees are screen printed on in America. We sell our shirts from our headquarters which is based in Temecula, California.

Is child labor or slave labor involved?

Absolutely not. We adhere to a strict code of conduct. We hold the same standards with the companies we work with. Read more at Our Tees.

 How can I be one of your Instagram influencers?

If you love what we stand for and want to wear one of our shirts on your blog or on Instagram, email our social media manager, Kat, at kat@skylaryoo.com.

 What makes this first collection so special?

We worked with some of the most talented hand letterers around the world in creating empowering messages for women. You can only find these products here, they are exclusive to this shop. (We are also on Amazon and Etsy.) Our designs are printed on the most comfortable tees you’ll find. We believe you can be bold and comfortable at the same time. Each shirt was screened by hand in the USA.

Tell me more about the art of hand lettering.

Today’s form of hand-lettering is a very specialized form of art. Unlike fonts and typefaces, which are designed to be re-arranged and repeated, hand lettering requires the artist to illustrate letters, first by hand, usually a tool as basic as a pencil, and then refine their work using computer software like Adobe Photoshop and/or Adobe Illustrator. This second part is often called “vectorizing” or “digitizing.” Each artwork is unique and requires a great deal of attention and skill.

I just placed my order but now I need to change something to it or add another item. Can I do that?

Unfortunately, we cannot make any adjustments to an order once it has been placed. Please place a new order with the correct item(s) and then email support@skylaryoo.com to request that your original order is canceled. However, if the order has already been shipped, it cannot be canceled. Email us or call us and we'll figure out a solution together. We'll make you happy, promise!

Which items are eligible to be returned or exchanged?

Please see Shipping and Returns

I found an item I would like to purchase, however, my size is not showing up.

Our website shows our inventory in real time. All available sizes are displayed online. If your size is not showing up, it is, unfortunately, out of stock. In some cases, a box will pop up where you can input your email address. This will put you on a separate email list. Once an item is back in stock, an email will be sent out to you so that you may order it.

When will I receive my order?

We aim to process and ship out orders on the same day of purchase (excluding weekends). In some cases, it might take us two or three days to process an order. You will be emailed shipping confirmation as well as a tracking number as soon as your order has been shipped. Please note, art prints take much longer to fulfill, between three to seven business days.