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Why Skylar Yoo Was Born

Wow, so we've finally done it! We've added a blog section to Skylar Yoo. Before we delve into a treasure trove of articles on female empowerment and inspiration, I want to take a moment and tell you a little bit about who Skylar Yoo is and why "she" was born.

I chose the name Skylar Yoo because Skylar would have been my daughter's name, if I had had one. (Instead, I've been blessed with two boys.) My last name is Yoo so Skylar Yoo is my fictional daughter. She's both feminine and fierce, ambitious and fearless. Watch out...this girl is unstoppable!

I started Skylar Yoo because I wanted to create a company all about female empowerment. Inspired by the Women's March last January, I decided to create a t-shirt line of strong, feminist statements. I teamed up with some very talented hand letterers to turn ordinary words into unique works of art.

You may wonder, which ones are our best sellers? They are:

1. Girls to the Front

2. Fearless Girl

3. Yes, She Can

4. Feminist

5. Grit

So, what's next? 

1. Consistent Blog Posts - We'll cover everything from interviews with inspirational women to how to style your statement shirt. Want to be more bold in your daily life or learn how to take more risks? Bookmark us and we'll guide you. In here, you'll also find out the latest news on Skylar Yoo like when we put out new products or have a freakin' awesome sale. We hope you go crazy for our content!

2. New Products: We're looking into creating a few more statement tees as well as sweaters and hoodies. Wish we could share our ideas but they're "shhhh!" a secret!

3. Amazon and Etsy: We're now selling some of our goods on Amazon and Etsy! We only listed six statement tees on Amazon but they're all "Prime" so, as long as you're a Prime member, you can get them in just two days (with free shipping)! 

Every day, we'll share with you more about where we're going and what we're doing. We hope you find this blog fun, educational and inspiring. Day one...done!