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Skylar Yoo: Who We Are

As much as Skylar Yoo is a company, I want you to feel like you know who the people are behind it. Who created this company? What do we stand for? Right now, it's just the two of us who are working behind the scenes, I'm Alice and there's my completely amazing friend Kat. Today, I thought we'd answer a few of the same questions for you. Hope you enjoy this brief Q&A!

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50 Ambitious Women Share Their Keys to Success

Someday soon, we'll be conducting our own interviews of bold women who dared to dream big. For now, you can visit Quartz to read one-on-ones with 50 very ambitious women who achieved a high level of success. Can you recognize the woman above? She's Glossier's own CEO Emily Weiss. (Love her!)

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Why Skylar Yoo Was Born

Wow, so we've finally done it! We've added a blog section to Skylar Yoo. Before we delve into a treasure trove of articles on female empowerment and inspiration, I want to take a moment and tell you a little bit about who Skylar Yoo is and why "she" was born.

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